Singer Karole Kasita has opened up about why she decided to get pregnant and have a child during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Speaking in an interview on Galaxy TV’s Deep Talk show hosted by Mr. Henrie, The “Balance” singer stressed that the loneliness that she suffered during that moment showed her that she deserved to give birth.

When the chance came knocking, she welcomed it with open hands and the rest turned out to be history since she had set her mind ready to carry a child in her womb.

I felt like I had to give birth. Like lockdown made me feel I had to give birth. I was so alone. I imagined if I had a baby, I wouldn’t be as lonely as I was during the lockdown, so I said if God gives me a chance like this bwe paba, and it came.

I said I am keeping this no matter what because maybe I would become a big artist the following year. I decided that if I am to grow bigger, I grow bigger with a family. I wanted a baby regardless.

Karole Kasita

When asked why she named her baby boy “King”, she explained that the baby means the world to her to the extent that she lost words for how to elaborate on her feelings.

“He is a ‘King’ because he is that one person who means a lot to me. He is my King and leader because as of now, everything that I do is all about him,” Karole Kasita added.

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