Actress Shamim Mayanja, better known as Zubedah, and Zahara Totto are at the moment involved in a fiery exchange of words.

Their bitter exchange of words was ignited by Zahara Totto when she trolled Zubedah live on TV during the UnCut show that she hosts daily at 8 PM when she called the latter’s hair veil a rug.

Zahara Totto explained that she hates Zubedah from the bottom of her heart accusing her of making dubious and untrue statements about her that didn’t sit down well with her.

When Zahara got the opportunity to hit back at Zubedah, she dragged her into the gutters, leaving everyone questioning her professionalism.

When the clip was forwarded to Zubedah, she also didn’t waste time as she savagely hit back in the same measure, calling out Zahara Toto to know that she hit the wrong button.

Zubedah let Zahara know that veiling is respected and went on to accuse the latter of sleeping with different men and having kids just anyhow.

Zahara toto nga ojeko okuzaala abaana mu basajja botamanyi and showing us your struggling body wat else can you offer to uganda as a country. Veiling is respect and buli wenteka my egg ndabawo am not a person who just sleeps with men Kuba sili sober. You have to respect this lady I mean Shamim mayanja Kuba wamanyi if you can’t even organize olukiko lwa bakyala kukyalo mugeye those drunkard men who have raped you then just shutup next time wen your spitting wat you call saliva first think who your attacking bitch

Nb: I didn’t invite your station they looked for me Kuba am a very important person I don’t look for media they look for me. As your still struggling and waiting for Kin to wire your salary atleast shutup

Shamim Mayanja

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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