Galaxy FM presenter DJ Nimrod, born  Nimrod Nabeeta, has expressed his dislike of the habit of people snatching other people’s lovers.

DJ Nimrod stressed that he hates that act from the bottom of his heart since he is a victim of a similar occurrence and that it changed his life forever.

He noted that when he is sweet-talking a lady and he spots her donning a ring on her marriage finger, he lets go as he highly respects other people’s relationships.

He made the statement saying he hates being the reason why someone else’s relationship would hit a dead end as it makes him feel guilty, bad, and irritated.

I don’t support the act of snatching someone else’s partner/lover. Personally, when I am sweet-talking a lady and I see her with a ring on her marriage finger, I just slow down my speed and chill out. So I dearly don’t support the act of husband or wife snatching. I hate that act.

DJ Nimrod

DJ Nimrod has been in a series of relationships that have all ended up on a bad note often shares his true life experiences when talking about love.

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