The exchange of insults in the Ugandan entertainment industry among media personalities has so far taken the internet by storm.

As the public is still weighing in on Zahara Totto, Tashi Hubby, and Zubedah Byantalo’s verbal trade of insults, a new one has also broken out.

This particular one involves NBS TV’s new signee Hellen Menta and Urban TV’s Tumbiza WishList presenter, Lynette Xen.

Their particular verbal exchange escalated following Hellen Menta’s indirect dig at Lynette Xen as she presented Pastor Andrew Jjengo’s story as he publicly introduced his lover to the congregation.

At that moment, they hinted about something like the relationship would end in tears, and quickly, Hellen Menta chipped in with a message she directed someone she disclosed to Team Cash asking him to send greetings to Lynette Xen.

When Lynette Xen crossed paths with the messages, she responded negatively, clapping back at Hellen Menta saying she is a young girl in the entertainment industry who is yet to learn how to clean her a** well.

She went ahead to blast Menta in a way that she should never yap about her adding that she doesn’t know the people she asks to send her greetings.

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