The trade of insults between Zahara Totto and Tashi Hubby has taken an acid turn as the two media personalities accuse each other of prostitution.

The accusations arose after Zahara Totto attacked Tashi Hubby referring to her as a dummy in terms of gossip TV presentation.

In a lengthy post, Zahara Totto hinted that the existence of Tashi Hubby is prospering in her shadow as she was coached on how to dress, present, and carry herself like her.

Zahara went on to claim that it was one of the ways she empowered her fellow women, however, in her opinion, their fallout only happened when she presented Tashi Hubby’s sex scandal stories that were always given to her present on TV.

Following Zahara’s statements, Tashi Hubby hit back saying that no one is better than Zahara in terms of prostitution in Kampala, asserting that she said whatever she said and asked her to heal from the depression she is suffering.

In retaliation, Zahara is vowing to release a list of men Tashi Hubby has slept with around Kampala for shelter and food plus other items.

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