Singer Bruno Kigundu alias Bruno K is no stranger to controversies concerning having babies with different women and not extending support to them.

The “One For The Road” singer has been put to shame and exposed by a UK-based woman for allegedly being a deadbeat dad and a one-minute man in bed.

This is the third or fourth time that singer Bruno K’s name has been mentioned in matters concerning being a ‘smart-wire’.

Previously he has been accused of hooking up with different loaded women who finance him and his music career in exchange for romantic affairs.

The common factor in all these allegations is having babies with all his alleged lovers before separating on chaotic grounds.

In this particular voice note that was leaked, the UK-based lady is loudly heard accusing the singer of being a one-minute man in bed and a beggar.

She goes on to expose Bruno K saying he always tarnishes and blackmails his ex-lovers when he gets a new catch.

Listen to the voice note below:

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