Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi alias Abtex was engaged in a fistfight with a gate collector at Karole Kasita’s “Chekecha” concert that took place at UMA Showgrounds on Friday.

Based on a video clip cited by this website, Abtex is seen making his entrance payment at the gate and being given his change of Shs40k.

In the process, Abtex exchanged words with the gate collector that did not seem to be nice to each other, and thereafter, Abtex somehow threatened as if he wanted to pat the gate collector’s head.

The gate collector also retaliated in the same way as he pat Abtex’s hat. When Abtex took another pat, the gate collector who had already lost his cool was ready to knock him out cold.

However, the security personnel who were close to the two saved the situation as the gate collector we only identified as Vegas yelled warning Abtex not to try him.

Vegas went on to furiously express how he didn’t want to be overlooked as he was doing his work.

Abtex was then escorted into the venue as Vegas remained held at the gate by his close friends and workmates who tried to calm him down.

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