Swangz Avenue songstress, Priscilla Zawedde a.k.a Azawi has hinted at the possibility of working with female artists in her next coming projects.

Ever since she rose to prominence, Azawi has not yet worked with fellow female artists on any music project.

She revealed that she has the plans, however, and believes when the time comes to work with fellow female artists, it will be massive.

Among the artists she expressed willingness to work with include fellow Swangz Avenue singers Winnie Nwagi, Vinka, and Zafaran.

Outside the record label, Azawi would love to work music Naava Grey, Kemanzi, and some other female rappers.

I’m looking towards grand plans of working with fellow female singers. And it’s going to be massive. I want to work with the likes of Winnie Nwagi who is very talented.

Also, I will work with Vinka and Zafaran. But I look forward to working with musicians too out of Swangz Avenue like Naava Grey, Kemanzi, and also some female rappers.


Azawi recently held her second concert at Kampala Serena Hotel after dropping her second album dubbed “Sankofa” which consisted of 16 songs, that told the story of her life.

Recently, she has been appearing in different media interviews where she has also let the world know that she is in a relationship with someone who is based overseas.


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