Fun Factory comedienne Namanda Veronica Kiwanuka has disclosed that her first salary payment in acting was Shs5000 for a show in a day.

While sharing her life story and how she joined acting, Namanda stressed that she came to Kampala in 2000 and was set to join Makerere University to study Law in order to pursue a law career.

In the due course, she instead opted for Arts in Drama at Makerere University and did that course until she graduated.

She has now spent 17 years in her acting career and has seen all the bad and good in the arts industry for all this long she has served it.

She is glad that for the years she has been here, the plays that she has featured in, she has not acted or performed obscene scenes something that she has mastered and maintained to keep her reputation high.

I have spent 17 years in my acting career, and my first salary payment was just UGX 5000 for a one-day show. One thing that has stood out in my acting career for a while is that the type of comedy I perform is not obscene.

Namanda Veronica

She adds that during the time she earned Shs5000 a day at a show, she would also vend passion fruits and ‘luwombo’ in order to make ends meet and her resilience has seen her through the challenges that life throws at an individual.

She also revealed that she is one of the lucky people who have managed to get genuine lovers online and her husband met her during a Facebook Live stream session and steered their relationship until they held a holy matrimonial wedding.

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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