Singer-turned-businessman Banjo Man, born Henry Ssentamu, has advised the youth not to stick to poorly paying jobs for so long.

Banjo Man says he ditched doing music because it was not paying well and ventured into something else that he thought would make his life better.

Having taken a different route, whatever he envisioned in his dreams came to life as the businesses he ventured into were more paying and fruitful than the music business.

Based on his life experience, Banjo Man believes that people love office jobs yet the fact is that office jobs don’t pay well and often people working in office are most of the time struggling to make ends meet.

Abantu baagala nnyo emirimu gya ofiisi naye nga ekituufu kiri nti emirimu egyo tegirimu ssente.

Banjo Man

He went ahead to stress how he doesn’t support anybody to last more than five years in an office job adding that it is always better to leave that particular job for other people so that one could try their efforts in other ventures that could bring them money and their lives better.

Siwagira muntu kubeera ku mulimu gwe gumu okusukka emyaka etaano, omulimu gulekere abantu abalala, teekateeka nga bukyali noonya ensibuko endala ez’ensimbi.

Banjo Man

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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