Singer Spice Diana will not be joining politics anytime soon despite continued requests from some of the people in her circles and she has her reasons why including her fear of teargas.

As a musician, Spice Diana has made a reputable brand, stretching her influence beyond the Ugandan borders and across the continent.

She is also a celebrated humanitarian who often gives charity to people in her community through her charity drives and extends help to individuals whenever she can.

Her giving heart has always been appreciated by the community and some of the people wonder if she has hopes of joining the parliament to help more people from a position of power.

Spice Diana kneels to greet Bobi Wine

The Source Management singer, however, is not interested in politics. She cites her young age and commitment to music as her reasons.

I am still young and committed to music at the moment. I cannot manage politics as it is very demanding. I cannot start partitioning my efforts at the moment but service is a calling. You don’t have to first be a politician to serve your people.

Spice Diana

“To sit in that parliament I would need to first undergo some lectures and consult with the people who are already there like my brother Kyagulanyi. You need to first understand how they work,” she added.

Spice Diana also expressed fears of the dirty games that happen amongst people in the top offices of leadership, giving an example of one of her friends who was bewitched when he showed interest in joining politics.

She is also wary of the teargas that politicians are sprayed with while on their duties and she wouldn’t give up her peace and freedom for such a task.

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