Uganda’s self styled RnB Kyabazinga Ronald Maganda aka Maro is set to release another conscious music project dubbed TUNDULA that will help to kick out Jiggers in the Busoga Region where he hails from.

Maro grew up dreaming of a Police career after his father but of-course fate had planned more than just chasing criminals for the Busoga-born star and it led him to Music.

His career has seen him out jams like Nziranago, Kyoyenda Nkobe, Free Style, Atwokiand Musayi besides collabos: Mazze Okwetegeleza featuring Radio and Weasel, Mubi Mubi with David Lutalo and of course the much anticipated Tundula that will help to sensitize his home region from Jiggers as a way of giving back.

Well, “Tundula” is a project led by Evan Stout, a public health specialist from the United States and Muwawu Gideon, a community educator at Sole Hope. Maro created the song to teach about proper hygiene and to combat the widespread parasitic jiggers infections and other diseases it causes as well as end the stigma around jiggers.

                                                               Sole Hope staff in action

Sole hope is a NonProfit Organisation located in Jinja whose mission is to offer hope, healthier lives, and freedom from foot related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief. Sole hope mainly concentrates on a #Zerojiggers mission by educating about to keep jigger and safely removing jiggers.

Sole Hope makes shoes from old jeans and Tyres. They operate mainly in Busoga, but do work in Mbale and as far west as Kasese.

We’d love for you to get involved in the fight against jiggers. You can come to Sole Hope and learn about jiggers and how to prevent them. Next you can return to your home, local primary schools, work, or place of worship to tell your community how to prevent and treat jiggers.

                                                  Shoes Made from old Jeans

For all who thought that being a Musician is only limited to releasing songs and popping bottles on vacations, you might need to think otherwise.

Kudos Maro!

The only surviving civilian Afande

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