The level of quality of A Kalabanda Ate My Home Work, a short six minute Ugandan film creatures animation is absolutely of top notch.

And, while proudly putting this down, I will confirm to you that this is Uganda’s finest animation to ever be produced in the Banana Republic.

                                                                    The Team Behind it all

Straight away to the point and good news to Uganda as a nation and film industry is that, the movie which was earlier this month yet selected in the Cote d’ivore film festival ‘Du Film D’Animation D’Abidjan in Cote d’ivore’ was awarded the best short film at the ceremony. Cong’s guys!!

With all the creativity exhibited in the short movie , it has proved that the Ugandan industry is on an uphill climb and it has got every good reason to celebrate.

The short film clearly brings out a mythical story about a mythical creature A Kalabanda in Uganda that is rumoured to have been for long giving pupils sleepless nights. And one day a pupil (Tendo) shows up to class without homework , claiming that a ‘Kalabanda’ ate it! Which will obviously sound hilarious and funny to any teacher.

The movie was written and directed by two blood brothers Raymond and Robin Malinga which almost took them three years putting it together to pull out such a magnificent animation that has seen the world continuously laughing and sharing it over and over again as no one can only watch it once.

The short film saw a couple of Uganda’s finest comedy stars feature in it and they included stars as; Patrick ‘Salvador’ Idringi, Daniel Omara, Faith Kisa and Martha ‘Kay’ Kigamba.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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