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Enormous numbers of Ugandans have left this country for better opportunities that exist in developed countries ranging from health, education, welfare and alot more. What sets them different is their ability to change lives of those they are related to or even those outside their circles and this is what Lillian Thando Naluyima is known for. A former student of the Mt.St.Henry’s High School in Mukono, Lillian moved to the US state of Utah in the northern part of the USA, Salt Lake City and enrolled in the Salt Lake Community College to pursue her associates in General Studies and Pre-Health Science, a discipline that is currently finishing. Lillian is set to transfer to University of Utah to get her bachelor’s degree in Nursing given her passion to become a nurse who will help people in Uganda and USA who have poor access to quality health care. She further hopes to build a women and children’s hospital in Uganda.

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Lillian has been an ardent volunteer at several Not for Profit entities and these include Inter-ethnic Health Alliance to which she served over 200 hours last summer doing fieldwork, administering surveys, meeting with potential candidates for country manager, and connecting with local non-profit organizations. That is not it yet, Lillian is also a board member of the above mentioned volunteer non-profit organization. Furthermore, Lillian is also board member of the non-profit organization called Ubuntu Healing Arts in Uganda where she is directly charged with selling crafts in the US as a way to fundraise for the organization.

Lillian’s caring heart alongside her colleagues has seen projects like  installation of solar power in some 15 rural schools two clinics and a hospital, solar fridges in clinics and laptops, Raspberry PI servers / tablets with the KA Lite and Rachael software installed in rural schools of Uganda under the Inter Ethnic Health Alliance. These projects were accomplished in 2018 in the Eastern Districts of Uganda. The organization has been offering range of assistance in form of micro-loans, family planning services, eyeglasses projects and alot more.

Unlike her peers, Lillian spends much of her free time volunteering and serving meals at the teen homeless shelter in Salt Lake City. She is also a strong advocate for human rights and a passionate social justice activist.

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