Asan Kasingye

Chief political commissar of Uganda Police Force, Asan Kasingye has received severe backlash after he appeared to side with NBS TV on their use of the “All Lives Matter” theme on a late night show.

Kasingye validated the use of the perilous theme in a series of tweets which he sent out on Sunday morning, despite the station acknowledging its mistake and apologizing to their viewers.

The “Ugandans On Twitter (UOT) President” initially pondered on why NBS TV was apologizing for using the theme before going out-rightly defensive, mixing both his religious and legal mindset.

NBS TV – All Lives Matter

But, isn’t it true that all lives matter? I wonder why anybody must apologize for such a Godly message @nbstv,” Kasingye tweeted.


Moments thereafter in his defence, Kasingye tweeted; “All lives matter. I have a right to tweet what I know is Godly. All lives matter. Even our Constitution say so. We must all protect life regardless of who it is. That’s my mandate under Art212 (1). You guys can’t intimidate me. Let me repeat. All lives matter. I am not a ‘sloganist’.”

The officer was further called out for the atrocities the Police Force has often “ignored” including rape, torture and mysterious deaths.

It is not the first time individuals are getting clap-backs for using the “All Lives Matter” phrase in the name of inclusion of all humans for the cause.

Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Fetty Wap, Controversial American rapper XXXTentacion (RIP), Jennifer Lopez have also come under fire for using the same.

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