Exactly 1,293 days ago, Vinka a.k.a Veronica Luggya released her first song after being signed to Swangz Avenue. Part of her success story involves embracing her flaws including being called a man by her critics.

Turning lemon into lemonade has become the story of the day for most local celebrities especially with how critics attack them as soon as they make a mark on the big scene.

For Vinka, the story wasn’t any different. As soon as she broke out with her first song dubbed “Level” (released on 1st February 2017), she received as much love as backlash from critics several of whom said that she possessed a manly voice and character.

It was so heart-breaking. I know artistes get criticised but my situation was so bad. I used to cry all the time. Calling me a man because of my deep voice was unfair.


During an interview, the “Love Panic” singer revealed that being called a man was unfair but she later realized that it would work in her favor since it created demand by people who wanted to hear how she sounded.

I realized that it would actually work for me because it somehow created demand. People wanted to listen to my music and others wanted to see me perform. I started enjoying it.


Now signed to Sony Music Entertainment, Vinka can consider herself one of the most successful songstresses in the music industry currently. Her song “Love Panic” is one of the most trending currently.

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